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The TRX by Hiro.Lab is a versatile workout tool that can be used in home workout, at the gym or in outdoor activity. With TRX you perform exercises using body weight and gravity. Regular workout with TRX straps will improve your muscle strength, balance and endurance.

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TRX pits your upper bodyweight against gravity and build functional upper and lower body muscles. Science confirms that those two straps can up the ante of even the basic body-building moves.


  • High-quality exercise equipment with versatile use
  • TRX set includes professional belts, extension strap and door handle
  • Adjustable length: 220-260 cm
  • Equipped with durable and ergonomic grips
  • Perfect tool for home workouts, gym workouts and even outdoor activity

TRX – adjustable and versatile

TRX tapes are an increasingly popular accessory for home training. These special tapes allow you to perform effective training with your own body weight and engage many muscle groups.

TRX belts are adjustable – you can adjust them not only to your own height, but also to the level of difficulty of the exercises you perform.


TRX is a great way to strengthen your body, build muscles and improve coordination. Performing push-ups with the TRX gives your muscles a stronger growth stimulus than regular push-ups. Doing a plank with the suspension trainer makes your abs muscles work harder than with regular planks.

Strength, endurance and coordination

Doing exercises in suspension, using body weight and gravity, ensures muscle development and coordination improvement. Workouts with TRX are often performed by athletes who struggle with recovering from injuries.


You can easily adopt TRX exercises to your regular workout routine, regardless of your level of advancement. You can develop balance, stabilization and abdominal muscles. TRX strongly engages core muscles.

TRX – perfect equipment for your home workout

TRX Suspension Trainer is a professional workout equipment. Contains high quality elements important to perform safe and effective training.


The TRX set includes:

  • suspension training straps with ergonomic and durable handles,
  • indoor/outdoor anchors,
  • extension strap,
  • a bag for all equipment,



The straps are made of solid material resistant to tearing and damage. TRX Suspension Trainer is equipped with a lockable carabiner.

TRX – perfect for gym, home and outdoor activities

TRX Suspension Trainer is durable, reliable and functional home exercise tool. Regular workout with TRX will take your strength and endurance to a whole new level.


TRX Suspension Trainer Hiro.Lab is the perfect home/gym solution without needing a lot of space or extra gear. Strengthen your whole body and build strong muscles with TRX Hiro.Lab straps.

Convenient and easy-to-use home workout tool

TRX is easy to use, comfortable to transport and has a versatile use. You can do your TRX workout in almost any places and at any level of advancement. Just attach the straps somewhere secure – the kitchen door, the garage, a tree – and challenge yourself with the suspension trainer exercises.


Dimensions of TRX Hiro.Lab:

Length max: 2,6 m
Length min: 
2,2 m

Additional information

Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 21 cm


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