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TCM is a dietary supplement which consists of 4500 mg of Creatine Malate and 500 mg of Taurine in a daily dose. TCM in the convenient form of capsules is gentle on the digestive system, very easily digestible and does not contain unnecessary fillers. Creatine Malate is everything you need to improve strength, endurance and muscle growth.

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TCM from Hiro.Lab is a great supplement that combines Creatine Malate and Taurine in the form of capsules, so it’s easily digestible. TCM is milder for the digestive system than monohydrate and does not cause unpleasant discomfort. The taurine faster the transport and synthesis of creatine.

TCM – really effective creatine

TCM (Tri Creatine Malate) increases the store of phosphocreatine in the muscles. As a result, ATP (the basic energy unit) is rebuilt faster and your strength and endurance improves. TCM will make your workouts much better than before.  This creatine is irreplaceable if you want to constantly improve your results.

Regular use of Creatine Malate has a long-term and positive effect. Your strength and intensity will significantly increase and only a few people in the gym will be able to compare with you! Hiro.Lab supports you in achieving better and better results. By choosing TCM in capsules, you will facilitate the growth of muscle tissue.

What can TCM offer you?

  • High doses of creatine and taurine
  • Increase of strength and endurance
  • Increase of muscles size
  • The product is free of unnecessary fillers

Nutrition for your muscles

If you work out, you certainly want to achieve more every day. But there is one obstacle – catabolism. It’s an undesirable effect of exercise, which cause muscle breakdown. To prevent you from catabolism we offer you high quality product – TCM in capsules. TCM will protect you from catabolism, ensure anabolism and help you improve your results.

Creatine malate does not cause accumulation of water in the body. It is a perfect solution for people with endurance activities.

TCM Caps – Ingredients

Serving size: 4caps

Serving per package: 90

Packaging: 360caps

Ingredients: Creatine malate containing 75% creatine, taurine, capsule – gelatin.

Active ingredients 1 caps 4 caps
Creatine Malate 1125 mg 4500 mg
including creatine 844 mg 3376 mg
Taurine 125 mg 500 mg


How to use TCM?

Suggested use: Consume 4 capsules on training and non-training days.

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