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The shaker from the Hiro.Lab brand is a comfortable shaker with a ball for mixing nutrients and supplements. It has a snap closure and a carrying handle. The shaker has a capacity of 770ml, it is very light, easy to carry.

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⚡A specially designed ball for mixing and destroying lumps

⚡ It does not take over the smell and color of mixed supplements and nutrients

⚡ A tight shaker, it is impermeable to liquids and does not leak

⚡ Without the presence of harmful BPA

⚡ Product tested for toxicity

⚡ It is certified by the TÜV Rheinland laboratory

⚡ Very light, incredibly comfortable, large shaker for the gym

⚡ High-quality print – does not rub off

⚡ Closed with a strong snap, comfortable drinking mouthpiece

Shaker Back

Airtight shaker for the gym

Shaker Hiro.Lab Kearney Cap is a solidly made, very handy and comfortable to use product, with insets that prevent it from slipping out of your hands while drinking or carrying, especially when your hands are sweaty. The shaker has a clearly visible measuring cup that shows how much fluid is inside. The Hiro.Lab shaker is lightweight, so you can take it to the gym without carrying too much weight. Our product has a TÜV Rheinland safety certificate, the confirmation of which you will find in the product information sheet.

Shaker zatrzask

Shaker ustnik

A ball for mixing the conditioner

The plastic ball attached to the shaker effectively mixes and breaks up lumps, thanks to which you will achieve a smooth, creamy consistency. Unlike metal balls, plastic balls will not rust.


A solid shaker for protein supplements

The Shaker Kearney Cap by Hiro.Lab features a solid print that is resistant to abrasion. Received a certificate of successfully passing the toxic safety tests of drinking containers. These tests also showed that the plastic does not contain aluminum (aluminum), cadmium and Bisphenol-A – very harmful substances that negatively affect the body.

Shaker od Hiro.Lab

Dimensions of the Shaker Hiro.Lab Kearney Cap:

Height: 22.5 cm

Circumference: 28.5 cm

Diameter: 9 cm

Capacity: 770ml

Shakery Wymiary

Shaker Whey

Info Shaker

Our Shaker Hiro.Lab Kearney Cap is TÜV Rheinland certified



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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 24 cm


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