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  • Hiro.Lab PillBox has an ergonomic shape, ideally suited to the grip of the hand
  • A solid closure, preventing the tablets and capsules from spilling over
  • 5 separate compartments with large capacity
  • Environmentally friendly product, without harmful BPA
  • Now all your Hiro supplements in one place

pillbox - compact size

Pillbox – made for you!

Do you regularly supplement with lots of products? Do you travel often? Are you frustrated with packing all your supplement packs in your bag? We have found the perfect solution just for you! Hiro.Lab has collected all the best applications of containers from other manufacturers and this is how the newest Pillbox was created, which will make your life much easier. The new handy container for tablets and capsules fits perfectly in the hand and offers an extremely slim and portable design that ensures comfortable and discreet organization of supplements. The black color of the container fits perfectly into any purse, pocket, handbag or car console. Hiro.Lab Pillbox is the best organizer, both for every athlete and all people who care about daily supplementation. Get the latest product from Hiro.Lab and always have enough Hiro Caps with you.

tablet box

Ergonomic and durable design

The main goal of the Hiro company when creating the perfect capsule box was to achieve the highest possible capacity with the smallest product size. Five separate compartments with very high walls will provide you with constant access to your favorite supplements wherever you are, while making sure that each capsule is in its place. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry that two identical tablets will change places or mix up. The latch closure itself is also sturdy and secure, preventing the contents from spilling out. Hiro.Lab Pillbox has been designed and made in a subtle and perfectly ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand. Moreover, its texture avoids slipping and facilitates a better grip. You can take the container with you for training on a rainy day outdoors, long journeys or to the swimming pool. Bet on the highest quality from Hiro.Lab!

pillbox for supplements

A product that cares about the environment

Hiro.Lab Pillbox is made of the highest quality material that is free of BPA, a chemical compound that is very harmful to our body. What’s more, it was created using the recycling method with environmental protection in mind. Therefore, by choosing a Hiro.Lab container and capsules, you take care not only of your health, but also of the world around you. Hiro.Lab focused on the best quality materials, creating a product with incredible resistance to scratching and damage. The product is very hygienic due to its high resistance to moisture, dust and dirt. In addition, the extremely tight packaging allows sterile storage of supplements. In addition, cleaning the container is very simple, because you can easily wash it in the dishwasher. By choosing Hiro.Lab Pillbox you can keep all your favorite Hiro supplements. You can easily fit the optimal number of capsules and tablets into the package: Ashwagandha, Omega 3, Melatonin, Collagen and Zinc. You can have all your dietary needs in one hand!

pillbox hiro lab

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