Four fundamental exercises

If you’re wondering what element of the training plan you can change, replace or add, see the entry Four fundamental exercises. That is a compilation of facts about squats, deadlift, bench press and rowing.Find out which of these multi-joint exercises involving the highest number of muscles is best for you.

Complex, multi-joint exercises should be the foundation of every training plan. They engage the highest number of muscles, which translates into the increased secretion of anabolic hormones.Thanks to the implementation of such exercises as squats or deadlines we learn movement patterns, and thanks to this, we know in everyday life how to properly, e.g. lift things from the ground so that our spine does not suffer.

Squat – Four fundamental exercises

There is a reason why we will start with this exercise. Sitting is one of the most important moves that accompanies us all the time. It works great in building strength, muscle mass and dynamics. In addition to the fact that squats engage the highest number of lower body muscles (as much as 80%), they also teach us the correct movement pattern.

They also have a positive effect on strengthening the muscles stabilizing our body, including abdominal muscles and back extensors.

I am not talking only about the classic squat in which we hold the barbell on the back.

There are different types and variants, e.g. front squat, low bar, sumo squat, Bulgarian etc.

Another advantage is our hormone economy, on which squats have a very positive effect.

They cause an increase in the production of hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, which translates into the growth of the whole body, not just the lower part.


It is in the group of the most effective exercises that you should include in your training plan.A deadlift is based on one of the most important movement patterns – flexion and extension in the hip joint.This movement is present in everyday life at work and home. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult to perform but to achieve perfection – we will have to spend a lot of time on them.Exercise it properly engages almost all muscles, which will allow us to build strength and mass. Of course, also as it is in the squat, our hormones, i.e. testosterone and growth hormone shoot up.That is a temporary effect, but very important if we want to build muscle mass or strength. It allows us to develop our deep muscles which are responsible for body stabilization, the widest spine, buttocks, two-headed thighs and spine extensors.

Bench press

I am thinking of one of the most frequently performed gym exercises, i.e. bench press and soldier bench press. Both of these exercises we can classify as fundamental, on which we can base our workouts. Very often, mainly among beginners, the determinant of strength is how much someone “takes on the chest”.Seemingly, it is an easy exercise, but to use the full potential of the muscles, we also need to take care of the details and the appropriate technique.Bench press on a horizontal bench, like few exercises, involves many upper body muscle groups. Another option for bench press is soldier’s bench press. Here, in turn, we assume a standing or sitting position and try to push the weight above the head. OHP is also in the group of basic exercises. It is helpful when developing the shoulder girdle, increasing the functional strength and, as in the case of previous exercises, a significant release of anabolic hormones.


That is another complete multi-joint exercise that this time extends our backs. It is one of the most frequently performed exercises for this muscle part. Well-Developed back muscles protect our spine from injuries and help maintain a straight and correct posture. During its performance, we engage all back muscles and, to a lesser extent, the muscles of the forearms and posterior deltoid muscle. The advantage of rowing is its diversity. We can grip a barbell narrowly, broadly, with an overhand and underhand grip, which gives us great opportunities when it comes to engaging muscles at different angles.Dumbbells will also work very well here and will help reduce anybody imbalances.

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