There are a lot of myths and stories around supplementation. Sometimes it is difficult to separate which ones are true and valuable. Read Creatine for Women and find out why women can also benefit from taking this substance.

We often meet the division of supplements into women’s and men’s. However, this is most often incorrect classification. Even in supplement stores, we encounter such a distinction – where, in the women’s department, we mostly find fat burners, L-carnitine, protein supplements or some vitamins.Fortunately, the stereotype that the only thing a woman wants to do with her body is the reduction of body fat slowly goes into oblivion. Women now are more focused on strong, healthy and fit silhouettes! And it is valued! We don’t spend a few hours on the treadmill anymore, we grab the weights in the gym and try to build up our muscle mass (undoubtedly the most common is the glutes muscle :D). How can we help ourselves from the inside so that our muscle grows quickly and solidly?


It is the most popular supplement around the world. You will ask why? Because the action of creatine is indisputable! This substance has been repeatedly tested that confirms its operation and safety of use.The main task of creatine is to speed up muscle growth (muscle anabolism) and build muscle strength. Also, there is no reason why women should not supplement it and improve their strength results and muscle growth.

Is creatine safe for women? Should you be afraid of this supplement?

Women are often afraid of using creatine because they think it is a male-only supplement. If you think so too, then you are mistaken – there are no contraindications for the use of the supplement by women. Another myth by which ladies have concerns about using creatine is that it accumulates subcutaneous water and we can feel the body swell and look unfavourable.We are also often afraid of excessive muscle development (especially of the upper body) – believe it or not – but women who start on the bodybuilding stage do not supplement with creatine only. Those are often strong, anabolic “supplements” that are usually illegal.Even at maximum doses of creatine, you will not become like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Creatine dosage for women

The dosage regimen that I recommend is to take fixed doses for a longer time. I would avoid so-called saturation phases, where we take a lot of it through the first stage of supplementation. The best way is if we calculate the ideal dose for you. How to do it?Take about 0.07g of creatine per 1 kg of body weight. If you weigh 62kg, your dose is 0.07 x 62 = 4.34. Usually, the scoop you will find in creatines has about 5g capacity. Therefore, in the above case, I would take a 5g portion of powder.So, you already know how to calculate the perfect portion!

When to take it? Creatine for women

The ideal solution will be taking creatine around training (one serving before training, the second serving after training). If someone wants to take only one portion in a day, I would recommend supplementing creatine after exercise. Why? Because it will allow more efficient and faster saturation of muscle cells with this supplement.Remember! Creatine is not temporary. The intended effect of creatine increases with its concentration in muscle cells, which lasts a long time. Regularity and patience are also the most important.

On an empty stomach?

There was once only one accepted norm for taking creatine – always on an empty stomach. However, after numerous studies, it has not been shown that taking this supplement on an empty stomach increases any bioavailability or effect. There is simply no justification that taking creatine on an empty stomach has special benefits. What’s more, carbohydrates (and preferably sugars such as glucose) affect insulin secretion, and this positively affects the transport of creatine to the muscles. Therefore, I would recommend taking creatine with/after a meal.

Powder or tablets?

For me, the best form of creatine will always be powder. Taking one, 5-gram scoop is much more pleasant for me than swallowing a handful of tablets (about five quite large per serving). The powder form should also be absorbed better and faster than the capsule form. Besides, finances are a significant issue for the majority – and powder is always much cheaper than supplements in capsules or tablets. But whether you will supplement creatine powder or capsules does not matter much.

What to look for when supplementing creatine by a woman?

Warning! As I said before, creatines are a completely safe product for women, but it is worth mentioning that there are some specific products you should avoid. What kind? It is not uncommon for supplementary brands to create product complexes, including creatine in the lead, for example. Often, additives are ingredients that increase the natural level of testosterone in the body. Do not buy supplements with the addition of tribulusaterrestris, fenugreek, maca root, saw palmetto. All these ingredients can cause an increase in testosterone in a woman’s body, which can result in excessive hair growth, acne, menstrual disorders and many other unpleasant symptoms.

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