It is a common fact that in general people want things that aren’t good for them, their body or their health. On the other hand, more and more people are getting concerned about their health and the quality of food they eat. Health is one of the most important things, but sometimes our food choices aren’t good for us. Deep-fried meat, or even veggies, can have a lot of calories coming from unhealthy fats. It’s just a pity that fried food is a nightmare for our digestive system. But does it have to be?

Can frying be healthier?

In general, fried food is not good for our health, mostly because of the method of preparing. Frying in deep oil causes changes not only in the oil, but also in the fried product. Not every oil is suitable for frying, because as a result of high temperature unsaturated fatty acids are reduced and the amount of harmful trans fats increases. This process can cause the risk of many diseases. How to avoid that? In a very simple way – when frying use fats with a high smoke point, such as MCT Oil. Such oil withstands high temperatures and doesn’t lose nutrients during the cooking process.

Fried food is known to be difficult to digest. Frequent consumption of this kind of food causes discomfort connected with heaviness in the stomach. Symptoms of indigestion, such as abdominal pain, painful intestinal cramps and gastric discomfort are also common. But there is a solution – Cooking Spray!

Do you want to be fit and healthy? Cook with Cooking Spray!

Cooking spray is a healthier alternative to traditional oil. It can be used whenever you want to fry some eggs, vegetables or prepare a more sophisticated meal. Cooking spray has a lot of advantages and may have a number of benefits, both for your figure and health. Using cooking spray, you can evenly spray the right amount of oil over the pan. It’s very convenient to use. If you’re on diet there is one more good information for you – it helps you control the amount of calories from fat. You spray only a small amount of oil, so your food is less fattening. As a result, the food is less greasy, has fewer free radicals and the risk of developing heart disease and cholesterol is reduced.

Don’t give up on your favorite food

It’s impossible to avoid fats. They’re crucial to your daily diet. It’s not the fat itself that is the problem, but the kind of fat and amount of it. Frying can be healthier, but you have to make healthier choices. Instead of using oils full of trans fat, choose Cooking Spray. Cooking Spray can help you limit the fat used for frying and the amount of calories from the food. You can be fit and still eat fried foods – as long as you fry in a smart way.

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