You train hard so no wonder that after workout you feel exhausted. Each workout demands a lot of energy, that needs to be replenished after. You can regain the energy quickly with a carbohydrate supplement, which is perfect to nourish your tired muscles.

Where does the energy for training come from?

All cells in the human body requires energy to function. Muscles work all the time, so they are particularly vulnerable to energy deficiencies. They rely on the storage of glycogen. It’s a polysaccharide and at the same time an energy reservoir. When your muscles need fuel to perform, they take it from glycogen. During strenuous high-intensity workout glycogen stores are depleted. They need to be replenished on an ongoing basis.

How to supplement glycogen?

The glycogen stored in the muscles is used as an energy source during training. However, they can be exhausted at some point, especially if you perform a very demanding endurance workout. So how do you replenish your glycogen stores? This problem is solved by a good carbohydrate supplement that will feed your muscles.

Carbo supplement is a product that contains carbohydrates – monosaccharides, such as dextrose and hydrolyzed corn starch, which help you restore proper muscle function after heavy workout.

Energy from carbohydrates

Carbohydrate supplement significantly affects post-workout regeneration. Rapid replenishment of glycogen stores in muscles is very important so that the muscle fibers are ready for further work. Carbo ensures you quick dose of energy, which was lost during workout. For better result, you can combine carbo supplement with others, such as BCAA (during workout) or creatine (right after workout).

Perfect carbo supplement

Good carbo supplement should have some important features. First, it should be easily digested. After workout, you need to consume fast-digesting carbs which are quickly absorbed into the body. Another important factor is solubility and taste. Good, sweet flavor will prevent you from reaching for sweets. Choose a good quality carbohydrate supplement, which will take care of your muscles. Effective supplement will help you work out much longer and with better results.

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