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The Hiro.Lab brand is a response to the ambitions of its creators, who have been active in the supplements market for athletes for over 17 years, representing many well-known global brands. Brands often remain deaf to the needs of their customers.

Hiro.Lab is the answer to the ignorance of the “BIG” of sports industry. It is an expression of needs and goals of our clients. It is the voice of all those people who have been forced to accept the boredom and repetition of the sports market for years. It is a manifesto of those who hate norms and principles. It is a cry of those who take every training and challenge seriously.

    All our products are manufactured and stored in accordance with HACCP standards.
  • Flavors and design
    Flavors and design
    We approach the design and taste of our products with great care. The appearance of our packaging is an expression of the fight against boredom and repeatability that prevails in the market of supplements in Europe. Taste is as important to us as unique appearance, we want you to always be happy to reach for our supplements.
  • Gluten free
    Gluten free
    All the products are gluten-free
  • Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery
    Each order placed by 13:00 is sent the same day. We are aware of your commitment to training and a healthy lifestyle, so we make sure you never run out of fuel for better results.
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